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Bryanna Millis creates conceptual environmental mixed-media art focusing on the linkages between heart, mind and body—intuition, intellect, and sensation—and how we influence reality through what we believe.

Bryanna’s work is not limited by location or medium. She has worked across Palestine, Jordan, Greece and the US, through actions on the land, photography, textiles, mixed-media collage, and sculpture; combined with poetry and text.

Her work draws from spiritual, philosophical, and poetic traditions. She also accesses the five elements of alchemy—water, air, fire, earth, and spirit—through materials including pigments made of hand ground desert stones, nets, fabrics, boats, feathers, and burnt objects.

Through her collaborations with other artists and scientists, and her solo work, Bryanna connects, visualizes, and communicates an understanding of transformational concepts, calling forth an extreme idealism rooted in recognition of what is.