April exhibition at IA&A at Hillyer

I just wrapped up my April exhibition at IA&A at Hillyer in DC. It was the inaugural presentation of the works from Imagination of Salvation—so powerful to talk about this work, what it means to me, what I hope it will mean for Azraq, Jordan, and beyond.


In Imagination of Salvation, Bryanna works with local partners from Al Azraq (the blue one), a former desert oasis in Eastern Jordan that has been decimated by 30 years of groundwater over-pumping and resource mismanagement. Through this work she seeks to create a visual lexicon to understand how mind, body, and heart-centered knowledge can lead us to overcome powerlessness and cynicism and take action for change. Imagination of Salvation: Actions on the Land presents the first phase of this work, including documented site-specific actions, mixed-media collage, poetry, and local memories focused on understanding the land, its history, and its dreams for the future.